The Martha Clutch

I was inspired by a page of clutches featured in a Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine. I really liked the one with the ruffle down the middle, so I sketched a plan and decided on the dimensions my clutch will have. I used a 9 inch vintage metal zipper for this clutch because I like to incorporate vintage, fair trade and/or organic materials as much as possible.


The fabric I choose is a fair trade handwoven silk bought from Tammachat, an Etsy shop buying from Thailand. The fabric is very heavy. It is probably a 6 or 7 oz. fabric. It is really a little too heavy for this project but I love the natural gold color. The check wool is from a vintage Japanese kimono wool.

DSCF3439-001Here are all of the pieces cut out. I am using the Gold silk as my lining and as the ruffle down the front.

DSCF3551I used a bias tape maker to make the piece that will be top-stitched onto the ruffle.


The ruffle is made from two strips sewn on each side and then turned inside-out. I then ironed the ruffle flat.


Using large stitches, because of the weight of the fabric, I made a gather down the middle of the ruffle strip. In retrospect, I probably should have made two parallel gathers.


I pinned the smaller strip of wool down the middle of the gathered gold silk. I pinned the ruffle to the middle of the kimono wool piece that will become the outside of the clutch. Then, I topstitched the strip and ruffle to the outside piece of the kimono wool.DSCF3590 DSCF3594DSCF3607

Here I have laid out the pieces to attach the zipper. This is the outside of the bag with the ruffle attached. I am using one piece that I will fold in half, rather than two pieces, because I wanted the ruffle to be one continuous piece without a seam running through it at the bottom.


Two tabs are sewn onto either end of the zipper.DSCF3615 DSCF3616 DSCF3622

I pinned the zipper to one side of the fabric and the lining and sewed them together.


Pull the zipper open about half-way before you sew the lining piece and zipper to the other side. If you don’t you won’t be able to turn it right side out.



After the zipper is in place, sew the sides of the lining and outside while everything is inside out. Leave a gap in the lining to pull everything through when you turn it right side out. Hand sew the gap closed after it is turned right side out.


For a decorative pull, I am using waxed linen thread and some vintage Czech beads. I think the colors match the kimono wool.


Et voila!  My version of the Martha Stewart Weddings clutch:


Zipper works! And beautiful lining is peeking through the opening.DSCF3672 DSCF3673

Notice the front and back are different because of the patterns in the wool.

DSCF3678 DSCF3682


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